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Hi there!


I'm Jenna Flogeras, a scientist turned digital nomad. 

I started this blog in 2014 as a way to share my two-and-a-half months in Thailand, which mainly centered around Muay Thai, one of my longtime passions. It wasn’t really a vacation, but rather a personal journey that allowed me to reflect upon and re-evaluate my life, relish the adventure, and return with renewed vitality.

That’s a lot of r’s.


With my favourite trainer, Nook, at Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, July 2014

I had traveled solo a few times previously, but never on a scale so big or to a place so exotic. Long story short (and after a four-year-long writing hiatus), the trip ignited a wanderlust in me that has grown into a passion and now a priority.

After quitting my PhD program in chemistry (“going rogue”) in 2015, I moved from Canada to Germany in 2016 to work as an editor and news writer for a scientific publishing company. Living and working in Germany provided greater accessibility to the more exotic parts of the world, enabling me to travel more easily to the destinations I dreamed about visiting.

Given this (not so secret) burning desire to travel constantly, it came as no surprise to anyone that I quit my job in July 2020 to work remotely as a freelancer. I had been gradually gravitating towards this kind of lifestyle for the few previous years, so the decision came naturally. I can’t think of anything more exciting than roaming around the world to my heart’s content and at my own pace, with only a backpack and a series of one-way tickets. 

Taking my writing from a “when the mood strikes” hobby to a solid hustle is the other part of my nomadic dream. Not only do I love traveling but I love to write, and combining the two is my sanctuary. This blog may at times read like a diary and other times more objectively, whether written from the far-flung corners of my mind or the far-flung corners of Earth.


Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan, February 2024

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